Your vehicle has a variety of filters to keep small particles of dirt from circulating in the operating systems, causing damage and eventually failure of moving parts.

Cabin Filter

The cabin filter works just like the filter for your air conditioner at home. It filters dust and dirt from the outside air prior to being treated by the climate control system. Keeping this filter serviced at proper intervals will ensure fresh, fast moving air is always available inside your vehicle.

Oil Filter

The oil filter traps contaminants in your engine oil. Even microscopic dirt or metal particles can do serious damage to bearings, cylinder walls, and camshafts, and can also block oil distribution throughout the engine. You must replace this filter per your manufacturers schedule, and even sooner if faced with severe operating conditions.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is usually located in the fuel tank for gasoline operating vehicles, and as a water-separating unit for diesels. Their job is to remove dirt and contaminants from the fuel which can be picked up in refining, transportation and in storage tanks. Dirty fuel will cause fuel injectors to be inefficient, and over time will damage them until replacement is needed. This will cost you in terms of lower fuel mileage and inefficient running.

Engine Air Filter

The engine air filter sits near the front of the induction system, and filters airborne dust and dirt from the air entering the engine cylinders. The cleaner this filter is, the more air will enter your engine for proper combustion. When exceptionally dirty, this filter can cause excessive fuel use, rough running, and general poor engine operation.

Maintenance of all filters are usually set to a maintenance schedule, so be prepared to replace these items on a regular basis. They can also be changed as part of other service operations, to provide a clean environment for the serviced part.

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